Taking Charge – Mandy Baggot

The Blurb : Is going back Robyn’s only way forward?

American-born Robyn Matthers is going home. With her dad in hospital, his roadhouse in ruins and the ice hockey team slipping down the league, she needs to take charge. But does she have the strength to do it? 

Cole Ryan is a hockey player on a personal mission. He’s tall, dark, hot and Robyn’s noticed! But can she trust her feelings – or his? And what will Cole do when he finds out the truth about her?

Robyn returns to Michigan and things aren’t quite the same. Her best friend has grown up and is thinking about marriage and babies, the ice hockey team is no longer the life blood of the community and her father is engaged!

When Robyn’s twin cousins drag up past events that hold painful memories for her, she and Cole are forced together. But are either of them ready to start something new?

With an ill father, a trailer trash almost step-mom and ex-boyfriend Brad desperate for another chance, does Robyn have time to contemplate a relationship? Does she really want one? And is it physically possible for two people to fall in love in just three days?

My Thoughts

Taking Charge storms along from the word go – the characters are up and at you from page one and stay there right until the final word.

There are some really fun and eccentric characters that make you smile and the author has captured the lively banter and spirit of an all male team, in this case an ice hockey team. My favourite team mate was Mickey – he made me laugh a lot.

The key characters, Robyn and Cole have a sparkly relationship although both have issues from the past that they haven’t yet resolved.  The exact nature of these problems are gradually revealed as the story progresses and you can’t but help try to guess and re-guess what these demons are.  The book touches on some more serious issues and there are a couple of emotional scenes but these are handled in an easy to read way, with a light touch that is in keeping with the genre.

It’s a dynamic, pocket rocket of a book so hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

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