An Audience with an Author – Carol Wyer, Surfing in Stilettos

I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Wyer last year at the Bedford Festival of Romance and what a whirlwind of a lady she is! 🙂

Carol writes warm and witty novels with the general theme of growing old disgracefully and is a signed author with ThornBerry Publishing and Safkhet Publishing.

carol e wyer

 Anyway, I’m giving my blog over to Carol today as she launches her Surfing in Stilettos novel


He who laughs…lasts

My mother who is a chain-smoking, party-loving octogenarian has a lot to answer for. I have finally worked out that she is to blame for my irrepressible sense of humour. It is thanks to her that I find almost anything amusing.

Yesterday, my very own grumpy old man and I were headed for the shops, when we noticed a sign near the town that read ‘Resurfacing Works. Starting April 2nd’. Given that the grumpy one has complained about this stretch of road every time we travel it (which is at least three times a week) for the last six, yes, six years, I thought he would be delighted to learn that the road is finally to be resurfaced. Alas, no. He fell into an even bigger funk than usual. Why? The repairs are going to take four months to complete. He then spent the next few hours complaining about the inefficiency of our workforce, the diabolical states of the roads and potholes. He moaned so much he hadn’t worked out that I had, in fact put on my iPod, and was drowning him out with The Killers, all six albums that I have on my iPod for such occasions. For some childish reason, the more he complained, the more I wanted to laugh at him. It was just so funny to see him beetroot red and almost exploding with annoyance.

I told my mum about it and she too fell about laughing. “Only in the UK could a tiny piece of road take four months to repair,” she chuckled, gleefully glugging back a glass of wine. “It’ll take them a week to set out all the cones and find the traffic lights, and then they’ll need a few more days off because it’ll no doubt rain.” She sniggered and took a long drag of her cigarette and giggled some more. “I might drive by. I could do with cheering myself up leering at some workmen, and making them nervous as I keep going backwards and forwards through road works, waving at them as I go.” That’s her answer to everything. See the funny side of it. I’m not saying that she doesn’t find some things difficult, of course she does. When she fell off her high-heels running for a taxi and broke her hip, it wasn’t amusing at all, but she got over the weeks of pain by watching comedies on television and reading books by Terry Pratchett. She has taught me that finding amusing things in life can see you through the harder times.

I like to practice what I preach, and if I am not out giving talks on ‘ageing disgracefully’ to WI meetings, or ‘The Importance of Laughter’, then you’ll find me writing articles and books that will hopefully help someone feel better about life. The more I write, the funnier I seem to find things, especially the ridiculous things in life that can drag us down. Discovering you have lost all the hairs in your left eyebrow but are now sprouting a fine moustache can knock your confidence. Better to just shrug your shoulders, and distract yourself with some loud music, comedies and a large bag of wine gums.

If you feel a little low and you are struggling with life then take a dose of humour medicine. Put on some seventies music, have a little dance round the kitchen and then either watch a funny DVD or read a light-hearted book. You’ll soon find you feel better, have a smile on your face and will be singing along to ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.


You can find out more about Carol and her books on her webside

This book tour was arranged by Fiction Addiction Book Tours, to find out more, click on the image below.

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18 thoughts on “An Audience with an Author – Carol Wyer, Surfing in Stilettos

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  2. Many thanks for letting me monopolise your lovely blog, Sue. I hope you are whistling away to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Hubby is, but that’s only because I’m taking him out for cake and coffee later.

  3. Four months? My little boys would be in heaven! Tell your hubby this, maybe that’ll cheer him up (Or not). When we had to have our driveway dug up by the electricity board because the mains connection had blown, it took them all of twelve hours to restore our electricity supply. However, the hole in our driveway (including the dismantled steps to our front door) remained open for two more weeks. Then someone turned up to fill in the hole, but not surface it. That took another two weeks. And when that was done, it took… yes, another three weeks for someone else to come and remove the barriers. Haw haw haw! Carol, I love your attitude and style and your energy. You are an inspiration and it’s wonderful to see you here today. Rock on!

    • Nicky thank you so much for your comment. I am blushing now after all that praise. I told Hubby about your plight and he said “Typical!” then proceeded to look at property for sale in France on the internet. 🙂

  4. Thanks Carol I resisted the urge to make a trip to the ladies to check out my eyebrows, as I have already discovered that I have some grey ones in there now and how did they become so long and more wiry than the rest of my eyebrow hair without me seeing them? I love how you deal with your gumpy old man, using up to date technology to drown out his moaning and they say us ladies can moan!!! This has cheered a dull day at work. Happy surfing xxxx

    • Thank you Julie! Hope you are still cheered. I discovered a really long wiry grey hair on my chin over the weekend!Just need some warts on my nose and I can audition for a part as a witch at the next local dramatic production of Macbeth.
      I have a range of ways of drowning out poor old Hubby. He hasn’t worked out what I’m up to yet. Good thing he’s technologically challenged. 🙂

  5. I love your philosophy, Carol. I can just picture your mom driving forwards and backwards, waving to the workmen. heehee. Apparently, government workers (and I use the term workers very loosely!) are all the same, no matter what country they “work” for. Wine gums, huh? Don’t know if we have that over here, but it sounds interesting…verrrry interesting!

  6. As someone who has managed to grow a full on black Mexican tash, I can totally relate Carol. I find speaking luke sppeedy Gonzalas helps when im shaving it off! 😉 Laughing your way through lifes problems does help, you are right. I’ve always tried to adopt this attitude, in fact it comes quite natuarally to me. Its your irrepressible sense of humour that makes you so adorable. You cheer us all up every day, so thank you for that! xxx

  7. My Mum was the exact opposite. She could find things to worry about… even when they were half way around the world from us. I think that negative example pushed me into an almost extreme form of Pollyanna-ism. 🙂

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