W is for … A Week in Wellies

W is for a Week of Walking, Water, Woods, Windmills, Words and Wellies

Half term has been a busy week, I instigated Wellie Boot-Camp and dragged my reluctant children out practically every day using well turned phrases like ‘A bit of fresh air will do you good’ or ‘You’ll enjoy it once you’re there.’ I had the week planned out to military precision. Here’s what they had to endure, I mean, enjoy …

Sunday :  Chichester Harbour

Chichester Harbour is a large natural harbour, straddling the counties of West Sussex and Hampshire. The marina cafe is great for tea and cake or a light lunch. Alternatively, you can walk around the harbour to Dell Quay for a lovely pub meal.

photo (97)photo (98)photo (95)photo (92)

Monday :  Halnaker Windmill

Stain Street

Love the walk along Stane Street, an ancient roman road leading from Chichester to London.  I always think the path looks like some sort of  magical vortex.  After about 3/4 of a mile,  you turn off to climb the hill up to the windmill.

Halnaker Windmill Feb 2013

A well known Sussex landmark which can be seen for miles around. From the top of the hill, you can see the Isle of Wight and Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth.

Halnaker Windmill 1

Tuesday : Petworth Park

Just 20 minutes north of me in the South Downs is Petworth Park. A 700 acre National Trust park designed by ‘Capability’ Brown and immortalised in Turner’s painting, it is home to Fallow Deer and ancient trees. Even when the car park is busy, once you’re out in the park you wouldn’t think another soul was about, it feels so empty. 🙂

Peworth Park 4

Wellies very much the order of the dayPetworth Park mud

The view from the folly at the top of the hill was worth the climb

Petworth Park house on the hill 2

Petworth Park view top of hill

Fallow Deerdear 6dear laying down 2

Wednesday : Moors Valley

Moors Valley is usually just an hour’s drive from me, but I somehow managed to take a wrong turn and end up in Ringwood. My son thought he would be helpful and navigate via my iPhone but once we got back on the A31 we sailed straight by the slip road we needed. Fortunately a roundabout not much further ahead gave us the chance to turn round. Hooray, we finally reach Moors Valley, a place I have visited many times over the years, but obviously still have directional issues! It’s great for walking and cycling with adventure trails, ‘Go Ape’ and Tree Top Walks.


Tree Top Walk


Thursday : Arundel

The week gradually got colder, by Thursday the wind was bitter and we were all flagging a bit.

We settled for a walk at Arundel, which was made bearable by a pit stop in the local tea shop.

Arundel Castle

SAM_3638Swanbourne Lake

SAM_3634Arundel Cathederal overlooking the town and the River Arun, which is one of the fastest tidal rivers in the country, with lots of dangerous under-currents.


Friday : Whacked Out!

After a week at Wellie Boot Camp, I have given my Unit a ‘R&R’ day, much to their relief.

SAM_3631Mission complete, I can now retire my wellies and relax with a cup of tea and a book


Have a lovely weekend!



(All photographs copyrighted to Sue Fortin)


25 thoughts on “W is for … A Week in Wellies

  1. What a fab week! Beats mine hands down 🙂

    Stane Street looks amazing Sue!

    Arundel brought back memories of our stop off there in August. Love the energy there!


  2. And…breathe.
    Love the photos. Gajitman and I spent a lovely day at Arundel many years ago, planning (dreaming) about a medieval wedding. Not been to Moors Valley yet, but the children have, with said husband, and loved it.
    Glad you had an excellent week.

  3. Sue

    Good for you. You have put me to shame with my half term activities.

    I am also envious. Looks likea great week and you even saw the sun .

    Carol x

    • Hello Rena, Chichester is a lovely place to visit. Sometimes it’s just have that local knowledge that makes the visits even better. Thanks for dropping by. Sue x

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy and very brilliant week, Sue! I felt exhausted just reading about it (in a good way – lol!) Nothing like a good pair of wellies to help you through. Lovely photos! 🙂 xx

  5. Gosh Sue! You are so much more ambitious than I am! You go girl. I don’t even own a pair of Wellies.:(

  6. So many memories here in one post! In a previous life I had a boat at Chichester Marina – just down the river from the Harbour and had my first lessons in boat handling all round that area.

    Moors Valley was somewhere I used to go very early on Sunday mornings when my son was a toddler/preschooler – it was before it became as well known and we were often the only folk there. He would spend hours on the woodland trail and by that time the trains would be up and running…. My father even did a train drivers taster day there as he loves steam engines and my kids were literally chuffed to bits be driven by their granddad that day!

    Thanks for sharing Sue. Emma x

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