Kicking that list!

It’s been a busy week for me. I started off with the longest list, ever, of things to do and at one point thought I was going to have some sort of meltdown. However, I’m pleased to report meltdown was avoided and embracing my new mantra of ‘Fearless’ (some of you might have read my Fearless blog post) I attacked the list in true Bruce Willis fashion. Yippee-ki-yay!  Not much of a list left now – go me! 🙂

I won’t bore you with all the tedious things on that list but there are a couple worth a mention.

The week started off very civilised with a RNA lunch in Southampton. I met Mandy Baggot, Laura James and Catherine Miller for a quick coffee and a catch up before enjoying a nice lunch with about 15 other members. Lots of laughter and food – I’m not sure why they put us on a separate table…

Mandy & Sue

Also this week I’ve finished the first draft of my novella ‘Closing In’ . This is about to be sent off for proofreading and editing, meaning I’m still on target for my release date of 14 March.  I’ve also finalised the cover and blurb.

Closing In cover final

Ellen Phoenix is running from her past, but her past is out running her.

A new job. A new identify. A new life. She thinks she’s safe.

The quiet coastal village  of Middleton-on-Sea seems the perfect sanctuary for a person who doesn’t want to be found.

However, it appears someone has other ideas. Who knows her secret? Who has betrayed her? Ultimately, who has the most to lose?

Also noteworthy, I’ve had a very short week at work, just one day (today) and one hour tomorrow :-), I’ve finished reading ‘Orion’s Gift’ by Anneli Purchase (will be posting my review on Monday) and have officially registered for the London to Brighton bike ride in June.

And finally, as it’s Valentine’s Day (you seriously didn’t think I was going to ignore this, did you?)

I’ve treated myself to some chocolates

photo (84)

and now all I need to do, is to decide which of these films to watch tonight

photo (86)

Will leave you with a song appropriate for today by the great Dionne Warwick

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day



22 thoughts on “Kicking that list!

  1. AWESOME! Well done you, fearless woman writer. Love it. HUGE congratulations on finishing your next masterpiece. I love the cover and am thoroughly intrigued by the blurb, can’t WAIT to read. Happy Valentine’s day to you, sweetie, you’ve deserved the chocolates and my vote is for Dirty Dancing. Because you simply can’t put Baby in the corner, and Love Story is way too sad. XX

  2. Love the cover, Sue, and can’t wait to read Closing In! My favourite romantic film is Six Days, Seven Nights. I have watched it so many times and love it – it’s the perfect romance story in my opinion!

    Happy Valentines!

  3. Ooh exciting, well done on finishing the first draft of your novella! The cover looks fab and it sounds very intriguing 🙂 Enjoy the chocolates x

  4. Big cheer, honk of the hooter, and massive congrats on powering through your list, Sue! Love the blurb for Closing In. Love the film choices too. It’d be Ghost or Dirty Dancing for me, I think 🙂 Happy viewing! And Happy Valentine’s Day (enjoy the choccies!) Xxx

  5. Sue, you are an inspiration! I too have a list that seems overwhelming at times, so I’m taking courage from your comments. You’re like a steamroller, just powering ahead and getting things done. I admire that very much.

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