Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Blogger (1)

Christina Courtenay ( has very kindly nominated my blog for the above award. 🙂

As part of the ‘rules’ for the award, I have to list seven random facts about myself and then pass it on.

My 7 Random Facts:-

1. I can tap dance.

2. I can play the piano (but not that well)

3. When I was 9 years old, I fell out of a tree and fractured my back in 3 places.

4. I’m scared of the dark.

5. I don’t like Harry Potter, books or films.

6. I used to drive a 1969 Morris Minor, dove grey, red leather seats, useless brakes and equally useless starter motor!

7.  I have moved house 18 times.

I would like to pass this award onto Mandy Baggot and Janice Horton


8 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, and well deserved. You fractured your back in three different places? My goodness, that must have been scary. And I didn’t know you didn’t like poor old Harry. Can’t say I blame you, although I read the lot (but haven’t seen the films). Congrats again! X

    • The back thing was quite serious at the time. I’ve seen one HP film, well, half, I fell asleep during it. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 xx

  2. I was always doing things like that, broken arms featured quite a lot when I was younger. With my back I missed a lot of time off school and I wasn’t allowed to do anything other than walk for ages. Fortunately no lasting damage. 🙂

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