New Year Walk

Well, after all the rain over the Christmas break and being cooped up indoors, I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever.  Thankfully, with the break in the weather on New Year’s day, a lovely walk along Felpham seafront, through the village, passing by poet, William Blake’s cottage and then lunch in the local pub was the perfect cure.  It seems that everyone had the same idea   – the seafront was packed, as was the pub but we were fortunate to get a table. Thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, crashing waves and atmosphere; everyone seemed happy to  be out.  Pub lunch was pretty good too.

Felpham seafront New Year's Day 2013

Felpham seafront New Year’s Day 2013

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Poet, William Blake’s cottage, Felpham village


7 thoughts on “New Year Walk

  1. It was lovely weather. Gajitman tried to entice me down to our seafront, but it was just a bit too fresh for me. I compromised by sitting in an ice cream parlour, which had its doors open. Happy New Year to you, Sue. I look forward to 365 days of laughter 🙂 xxx

  2. Wow! Sue I had no idea William Blake’s cottage was near where you live. You know he’s the poet I quoted in The Wind Weeps. This is so cool! The title is taken from lines in his “Mad Song.”

    • William Blake lived there between 1800 and 1803, it’s about 200 metres from the sea front in Felpham village, which is a lovely place.
      Didn’t realise you took the title The Wind Weeps from his ‘Mad Song’ – very cool 🙂

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