One of The Guys by Jessica Strassner

one of the guysKate is helping her best friends Lucy and Jackson plan their wedding and is attempting to juggle a few romances of her own. 

Everyone is questioning when it’ll finally be Kate’s turn to walk down the aisle, but she can’t even manage to hang on to a boyfriend! She does have several options, though. There’s Chris, the smooth, sexy photographer. And then there’s Max, the boy next door “friend with benefits…” 

Kate can’t help but wonder – is it possible to date one of your guy friends? How about two? At the same time? Which one of the guys will she choose?

My Thoughts

I’ve read one of Jessica Strassner’s books before ‘The One Who Got Away‘ and very much enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to reading ‘One of The Guys’ which continues the story of the characters I had previously met.  This time though instead of focussing on Lucy and Jackson, it follows Kate’s quest for love.

And does she have a task on her hands, it’s not so much that she can’t find one, it’s just that she can’t find the right one.  Is it ever a good idea to date one of your friends, someone in your friendship group? Surely there are going to be tears – but just who is doing the crying?

During the novel I felt a lot of compassion for Kate but admittedly there were times when I wanted to give her a shake and say ‘What are you doing?’  In the end though I did feel Kate made the right choices.

‘One Of The Guys’ is a great read for when you need to relax and chill out, the style of writing flows easily and you really feel involved with the characters.

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