Pausing for Thought

Conflicts past and present

“When you walk in peaceful lanes so green – remember us – and think what might have been” 

Frederick Rowland  (Grandad 1908-1982)



Served in North Africa and Italy

Letter home, 21 January 1944, Italy

Thomas Morris (Pops 1914-1970)


Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry

Served in Holland

On a recent trip to London,  I took a detour via Green Park to see the Memorial to the RAF Bomber Command

Very moving to see some personal stories and messages left by families

3 thoughts on “Pausing for Thought

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 The letter is really touching that my Grandad sent my Nan, he wrote a beautiful poem in there to her and some things he said were very moving but I thought it was too personal to share. He also wrote a lovely note on the back to his sons (my dad and uncle).

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