Darcie’s Dilemma by Sue Moorcroft

How do you weigh one love against another? 

Things haven’t been easy for Darcie Killengrey; left with the responsibility of her troubled teenage brother Ross and a past of unhappiness and heartbreak.

And then Jake Belfast strides back into her life, as acerbic and contrary as he is exciting and handsome— he also just happens to be her best friend’s brother. 

Having parted on bad terms two years previously, Darcie and Jake now find themselves flung back together. Tensions reach new heights when they’re forced to work in the same place and the pair struggle to put the past behind them.

And, all the while, Ross is becoming increasingly involved with a dangerous influence, which looks set to make Darcie’s problems with Jake pale into insignificance …

My Thoughts

This is the fist novella I’ve read by Sue Moorcroft and it was really enjoyable.

I really empathised with Darcie, having constantly to swap roles of sister and mother but ultimately being left somewhere in between the two.  Not only that but having to deal with the return of her best friend’s brother, Jake – each with their own idea of what had happened in the past.  Would they ever see eye to eye about it?

I liked the fact that the novella didn’t just deal with Darcie and Jake but it also told the story of  Darcie’s brother, Ross, and from his point of view. A teenager who had a heck of a lot on his plate to try and deal with.  I felt his character was very well written and realistic.

An entertaining read where you find yourself very much involved with the characters’ lives and willing them on to a happy ending.

Links for Sue Moorcroft

Webpage http://www.suemoorcroft.com/

Blog : http://suemoorcroft.wordpress.com/

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sue.moorcroft.3?fref=ts

Twitter : @suemoorcroft

Darcie’s Dilemma available at Amazon UK

Published by ChocLit : http://www.choclitpublishing.co.uk/


One thought on “Darcie’s Dilemma by Sue Moorcroft

  1. Thanks for a great review, Sue. I loved writing this novella. It’s nice to write something with the plot and emotion you’d expect from a novel but make it snappier. x

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