Cells by Harriet Grace

One woman. Two men. A last chance for happiness. Peak time on the Features Floor of a national newspaper and the computers crash. Martha Morgan, Features Editor, is losing control of her job. Head pounding she looks up and there is Jon. Is he the saviour she needs? Past and present combine into an explosive future in this literary novel.

My Thoughts

Cells is told through the eyes of three different people, Martha, her husband Grant and a colleague Jon.  It delves deeply into their lives and thoughts, not only as individuals but as they interact with each other and those around them.  Different points of view over the same issues are clearly shown the reader gets to know each character in intimate detail.

The main issue of the novel is fertility problems suffered by Martha and Grant, but other issues in their lives are examined, some going way back to their childhood.

At one time or another I found the characters to be as equally frustrating as they were likable which I feel was a true reflection on how people are in every day life. A thought provoking novel dealing with the challenges of the situation and the fickleness of human nature brought clearly to life.

Links for Harriet Grace and her novel ‘Cells’


Facebook http://www.facebook.com/harriet.grace.50?fref=ts

Twitter : @Harrietgrace65 https://twitter.com/#!/Harrietgrace65 

Amazon.co.uk  here  Available in paperback and e-book


7 thoughts on “Cells by Harriet Grace

  1. Hi Louise – I did like this novel a lot but I agree that sometimes the characters were their own worst enemise – but then that’s the kind of reaction that means we believe in them, I suppose. A very good read.
    Ali B

  2. Great review, Sue, I always appreciate your thougths and candour. Have this on my teetering eTBR. Oh for more hours in the day! congrats to Harriet on another great review. X

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for taking the time to give us this review of Harriet’s book. It looks like a winner and I am looking forward to this read.

    Looks like another great review for you!

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