RNA Southern Chapter Meeting

I had a really nice Romantic Novelists’ Association Southern Chapter meeting yesterday, Monday 24th September.  I got there a bit ahead of time to meet up with fellow Romaniacs Laura E James and Catherine Miller so we could have a quick coffee in Costas and catch up.  Although we ‘speak’ to each other practically every day, it’s nice to actually be able to meet in person from time to time.  I had also arranged to meet Mandy Baggot at Southampton station as this was the first time she had been.  Costas had the added advantage of being right opposite the station so when Mandy texted to say she had arrived, all I had to do was to stand up and wave through the window to her.

The Chapter meeting itself was well attended, I think there was about 17 of us and, as always, everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  We all  took our turn to talk about where we were with our writing and publishing. It was really interesting to listen to all the different approaches, not just by the authors but by their publishing houses and agents too.  Lots of food for thought, some really useful information and advice.

The day was rounded off by another Costa visit (can you have too many Costa visits?) before the drive home, in much nicer weather conditions than when I set off, thankfully.

Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable day.

Me, Mandy, Laura, Catherine

9 thoughts on “RNA Southern Chapter Meeting

  1. I bet they were! Nicky and I will have to have pool resources and try and make the trip next time – just to keep an eye on you all, you understand! 😉 Great post Excellent review! Well done, girls! xx

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