I’m like a butterfly this week, here, there and everywhere

Happy Monday!

(That makes me think of Happy Mondays and ‘Step On’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnBi-LNM0Og)

A busy week, an exciting week and a slightly scary week … here’s my agenda


The lovely Romaniacs have all been talking about me and asking me questions ahead of my book launch.


Peggy Stanton from The Famous Five Plus has been chatting to the hero of my book



Is the official launch of my debut novel ‘United State of Love’

Available now for Kindle through Amazon, paperback available soon

Thursday Evening

I head off to my mum’s in Cambridgeshire for an overnight stop


Meet Romaniac Lucie Wheeler at the station and then we are on our very own Thelma & Louise road trip to Penrith, hopefully with a happier ending.

Friday – Sunday

Romantic Novelists’ Association, Annual Conference where seven of us Romaniacs are all staying together in a student accommodation block … oh dear!


8 thoughts on “I’m like a butterfly this week, here, there and everywhere

  1. Well, honey, this **is** your week. Congratulations–and enjoy the ride! Can’t wait for your official book launch. Am half way through and loving it!! X

    • Hi Talli – and to see you too although I still cringe when I think we may have kept you awake with our LOUD singing. Your talk was great – thank you.

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