Rough Cut – Owen Carey Jones

The Blurb

When a New York dealer in gemstones discovers a number of top quality synthetic diamonds in a batch he has bought, industry watchdog, the Federation of International Diamond Traders calls in Belizean, Carter Jefferson to trace their origin. 
Carter, a synthetic diamond specialist who recently quit working for the FIDT to concentrate on writing but who still works for them on an ad hoc basis, is reluctant to take the case until he finds a reference in the file which takes him back 25 years to the time when he was a geology student at Oxford University.

Old relationships are revived and family secrets emerge as an attractive English girl and a passionate young Frenchman are sucked into the web of deceit and death surrounding the illicit gems.

My Review

Rough Cut is a fast paced thriller/mystery set in the world of diamonds and the glitz and glam of the south of France.

I enjoyed following Carter Jefferson as he worked out who was behind all the going-ons and liked the fact that we got a small glimpse into his personal life too.  This could equally be said of Jacques – a central character to the plot.  He inadvertently found himself in the middle of the shady dealings and, as such, being caught up in a lot of the tense and thrilling action.  At the same time he was battling to deal with personal problems and family secrets that emerged as a result of the criminal activities.

One or two of the scenes were a bit gritty but they were in keeping with the genre of the book.  Other scenes I found myself willing the good guys on, anxious for the right outcome.

The plot is full of twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way. Sometimes I thought I had cracked the plot, only for something else to be thrown in, thwarting my attempts to work it all out.  The surprises kept coming right until the end.

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