Love in the Wrong Dimension – Anette Darbyshire

The Blurb

Do ghosts fall in love? Jemma Haley is about to find out…. Love In The Wrong Dimension is a modern romantic ghost story.

Jemma is a trendy young woman enjoying her twenties and partying hard in London’s fashionable Camden Town.

One hung-over morning, she makes a pact with her best friend Alice, setting off a train of events that will ultimately lead to her destiny.

After an untimely accident she wakes and realises her life has changed for ever – she is a ghost…

Terrified, she goes to find Alice in the hope that, using her psychic abilities, her friend can tell her what to do next. Instead of making contact with Alice though, Jemma meets Tom, an attractive but elusive ghost, who tells her that she’s trapped in a dimension for ghosts who weren’t meant to die.

She vows to find a way out, but is torn when she develops feelings for Tom, whose own reasons for being there are darker than she could ever have imagined.

The story is moving, mysterious and romantic and will keep you guessing until the last page.

Might eternal love be possible after all?

My Thoughts

What a lovely ghost story – I really enjoyed this book.

I think I liked it so much because it wasn’t just the story of one person/ghost, Jemma, but it was the story of other ghosts too, how they came to be where they were and what was holding them there – trapped in the wrong dimension.  It was also the story of the living too. The people that were left behind, how they came to terms with what had happened to their loved ones and how they found peace.

I enjoyed the love stories both of the living and the dead and really warmed to the characters.  The story has a good plot and I wasn’t entirely sure how it would end.  I found the writing rolled along in an easy to read style and pulled me effortlessly into the story.

Think I fell a bit in love with Tom but seeing as he’s a ghost I will have to settle for the equally lovely Jack.

Anette can be found on Twitter @AGDarbyshire and Facebook

Anette has her own website


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