Author Janice Horton Celebrates

I’m delighted to have author Janice Horton blogging today to celebrate her first blogiversary – over to you, Janice!


Just before last Christmas, I was here on Sue’s Love Reading Love Books talking about book promotion and sharing marketing tips with you. At the time, I had just launched my latest ebook ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and was fresh from hosting what had turned out to be a very successful online launch party from my own blog. I do love a party – and it being a virtual one makes it no less fun for me!

Today, Sue has very kindly invited me back to tell you about my latest celebration, which is for my first blogiversary. Yes, it’s exactly one year ago this weekend since I made those first tentative steps into the social networking scene. One whole year since I first blogged, tweeted, and published to Amazon Kindle. That’s a lot to celebrate!

So, I’m announcing an open invitation for you to pop over to my blog at to join in the fun today and over this entire weekend. Being a romantic soul, for those who leave a comment or tweet or share the news about my latest novel being COMPLETELY FREE on Amazon for Kindle today and over this weekend, I’m giving away heart shaped chocolates and candy in a prize draw. It’s my blogiversary gift to you!

So please download your free copy of ‘Reaching for the Stars’ – a novel about a media stalked and disillusioned celebrity chef – and if you already have it on your Kindle then why not recommend it to a friend? But don’t forget to leave a comment on my blog, share and tag me on Facebook, or retweet one of my tweets @JaniceHorton to be in the draw for the yummy heart shaped gifts!

I’ll leave you with Sue’s Love Reading Love Books review for Reaching for the Stars.

Thanks Sue!

“This was the first novel I had read by Janice Horton and having seen rave reviews of her previous novel ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot’ I was very much looking forward to reading ‘Reaching for the Stars‘.

I was drawn into the story from the first paragraph, no pussy footing around, Finn McDuff was brought to life immediately.  I loved the fact that he wasn’t perfect, that he had a bit of a bad boy reputation but at the same time underneath it all there was a different person to the one the press and public knew.  He had issues, past and present, that he had to overcome and/or resolve.  Not being the perfect hero really made Finn come to life and gave him that extra dimension.

Journalist Raine and her adversary Ross made for a great sparring team and even though Ross was working for a newspaper with few morals, you couldn’t help like him in a pitying sort of way.  Raine was great, sticking to her beliefs of fair representation and believing in McDuff when others doubted him.

Janice has a lovely style of writing, which flows along smoothly and makes for an easy, yet totally satisfying read.”

Janice’s Blogiversary Blog:

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