An Audience with an Author … Darlene Jones, ‘Embattled’

Yesterday saw the launch of ‘Embattled’ by Darlene Jones

Today Darlene is my guest blogger and gives a summary of her novel

Em’s life is taken over by beings “out there somewhere.” They’ve chosen her to be their agent on Earth, to make the changes they want for the planet. Flung into battle, Em has no idea what is happening to her or why. She just knows that strange words are coming out of her mouth at the most inopportune times, and that she often has blood on her hands, literally.

As for the celestial beings controlling her? Well they have a few problems of their own. Yves, her controller, is a rookie on his first assignement. Of course he messes up.

And let’s not forget the love triangle! Two humans, one supreme being…!

EMBATTLED will appeal to any reader who loves a good adventure love story that has elements of the magical and enough depth to provoke thought and discussion of current issues in our society.

EMBATTLED by Darlene Jones



Darlene has her own blog and  is also on Twitter and Facebook

Darlene is also a Featured Author with Love A Happy Ending


5 thoughts on “An Audience with an Author … Darlene Jones, ‘Embattled’

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Sounds totally intriguing!!! Congrats on your launch, Darlene, and thanks to Sue for bringing us this lovely feature today.

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