Stirred With Love – Marcie Steele

The Blurb (as per Amazon UK) An intriguing tale of rumour and tittle-tattle that will have the best of ‘gossipers’ dropping their cups into their saucers to hear more.

‘Would you like to be a waiter/waitress with a difference? Do you have the imagination and flair to help me set up a new business in Somerley and contend with the competition out there? Would you like a room of your own and money in your pocket in exchange for enthusiasm and pride in your work? If so, pick up the phone or email me. Excellent prospects for the right people.’

For widowed Lily, recently separated Kate, and school leaver Chloe, brand new Coffee Stop represents a fresh start. But opening a coffee shop is never as simple as it seems, especially when you add neighbouring competition, local heart throbs and the inevitable catfight to the mix. 

Can three such different women pull together to make the new business fly, or will Lily’s last go at life disappear down the drain along with yesterday’s coffee grinds? 

Combining strong bonding with the inevitable ups and downs, Stirred with Love captures today’s struggles to find the right path to follow and the everlasting friendships that form along the way.

My Thoughts

Stirred With Love packs a lot into one novel, but at the heart of it runs the central theme of love and relationships between three women; teenager Chole, thirty-something Kate and elderly Lily.  It delves into existing relationships and what has driven each of them to make changes in their lives, it looks at the relationships they form between themselves as they strive to make a success of the coffee shop business and it also looks at the new friendships they make along the way.

Stirred with Love is a gentle, heart warming story which although has some poignant and sad moments, is very enjoyable to read, leaving the feel good factor lingering at the end.  I really liked getting to know the characters and watching how they developed and grew through the story.

Marcie Steele brings together some of my favourite things, coffee, cake and camaraderie to make for a gentle and enchanting read.

I shall look forward to her forthcoming novel ‘Through With Men’ which is due to be released soon and has an equally fab cover.

To find out more about Marcie and her books you can visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.



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