Wish I Was Here …

Home is where the heart is – Brittany, France.

Today Janice Horton launches her new novel Reaching for the Stars in which chef McDuff escapes the media frenzy that has engulfed him and disappears into a self-imposed exile.  If I could go anywhere for my own self-imposed exile, our cottage in France is where I would head.

You can follow the fun on Twitter – we are using the hashtag #starchef

Janice will be visiting my blog on 22 December and Reaching for the Stars is available on Amazon UK and Amazon.com at the following links

Amazon UK



13 thoughts on “Wish I Was Here …

    • Ours is very typical for the area, the colour is a ‘local’ one too. The cottage hadn’t been lived in for 50 years when we bought it so you can imagine the state it was in, earth floor, no water, no electricity etc. However, much more civilised these days!

  1. Oh how lovely. I am very partial to cottage life – and I live in a cottage myself in Scotland – but a gorgeous old place in the sunshine and romance of France sounds so very appealling. A perfect location for a ‘Wish I Was Here…’ photo. Sigh…
    Love, Janice xx
    PS – you do know it’s snowing here on this blog, right?

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