The Star Child – Stephanie Keyes

When seventeen year old Kellen St James graduates from Yale University he  finds himself in a position where he can make his own decisions and choices.  One of these choices includes going to Ireland and staying in his beloved Gran’s cottage which he has inherited and where he learns the truth surrounding his mother’s death.

For the past eleven years, Kellen has been visited in his dreams by Calienta and whilst he is at his Gran’s cottage he discovers that Calienta is more than just a dream.  He also learns that he has a huge responsibility resting on his shoulders, one that he knew absolutely nothing about and could not have begun to imagine what this would be.

Kellen and Calienta embark on a journey into another world, one of gods, faerie, wild dogs, angels, demons and more; moving across times and lands, battling not only for their own survival but for something far greater where defeat is not an option.

Up until this point I had never read a fantasy adventure before, so it was with some trepidation that I began The Star Child.  It was very different to my usual stuff but I found the adventure to be captivating and exciting.   Stephanie Keyes has an comfortable style of writing and creates a fantasy world that you can easily buy into and I found myself really involved with Kellen and Calienta, worrying for their safety, enjoying the development of their relationship and hoping that it would be a successful outcome for them.

So for anyone who enjoys fantasy adventures, The Star Child should definitely be on your reading list.

As part of her promotional tour, Stephanie Keyes will be visiting my blog on 16 December where she will be chatting about ‘the tools’ behind her writing.

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2 thoughts on “The Star Child – Stephanie Keyes

  1. Sue, as always you offer a thoughtful, fabulous review. I think it’s wonderful that you try (and like!) things you wouldn’t perhaps normally read. You’re an inspiration to all of us. Stephanie, congrats on a great book. It’s high on my wishlist! XX

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