Excess All Areas – Mandy Baggot

It’s Freya’s birthday and she’s about to meet her long term boyfriend, Russell, for a celebratory lunch.  When Freya turns up she overhears her boyfriend commenting about her appearance in a way that sends her reeling, taking her totally by surprise and in true Freya style, she does a disappearing act.

Ending up on a Greek island where her best friend Emma lives, Freya thinks she can hide away from the pain and heartache she experienced in the UK.  However, she didn’t anticipate meeting up with Holloywood heart-throb Nicholas Kaden and she certainly didn’t expect to find herself becoming involved with him, despite her initial reservations about his motives.

Freya is fun and fiesty, full of witty comments. She is also extremely loyal to her friends and has deeply grounded principles which have in the past caused her a great deal of trouble.  Trouble that she has really doesn’t want anyone to know about.   Nicholas Kaden is very smooth and calm, has everything under control but he too has something in his past that he is hiding from the world.   Freya and Nicholas may on the surface seem like an unlikely couple but underneath they have more in common than they realise.  Are either of them able to face up to their past or will it cloud their lives forever?  Can they also deal with those around them, dear and not so dear, who are happy to destroy them for their own reasons?

There are twists and turns along the way, together with a few surprises. Excess All Areas is an enjoyable read and I found myself drawn into the novel with ease.

Mandy has also written the following novels which are all available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon, Waterstones & WH Smith


Click here to see the book trailer for Mandy’s novel Taking Charge due to be released in 2012

You can follow Mandy on Twitter and on her web site.


2 thoughts on “Excess All Areas – Mandy Baggot

  1. Thank you Sue! Excess All Areas was my first novel but it has been rebranded and redited this month. The new version is live on Kindle and the paperback will be following early 2012! It’s a real summer read – given the weather it might be just the ticket to escape the frost!

  2. Oh I could definitely see Excess All Areas in a suitcase alongside sun cream and flip-flops or poolside accompanying a long cool drink. Ideal travel companion.

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