Magnolia House – Pauline Barclay

I had heard some lovely comments about Magnolia House so was looking forward to reading it.

Jane Leonard has lived in Magnolia House for over fifty years and after tragedy hits her, not for the first time, she finds herself being forced to sell her beloved family home.  A rift has developed between Jane and her daughter-in-law which seems to be growing by the day. A rift borne out of heartbreak, words unspoken and assumptions, as is so often the case in families and which has been written with real sentiment.  The novel follows the relationship between Jane and her daughter-in-law and through the sensitive writing, I found myself willing these two women to try and resolve their differences.

The novel also follows the ripple effect the sale has on those further down the property chain, who themselves are having to make a new start for reasons outside of their control.  Their lives becoming inter-linked, friendships formed and bonds made.

Magnolia House is a gentle story told with real warmth and understanding of human nature, the good, the bad and the often misunderstood.  I found myself really drawn into the lives of the characters, Pauline certainly makes you feel that you know them so well, each with their own personality and traits.   A great deal of emotion flows through the book and you can’t help but empathise with each and every character as their story unfolds.

Pauline is on Twitter and has her own blog Scribbles

Pauline is part of the Indie author group Famous Five Plus

as well as being a Featured Author with Love A Happy Ending.


3 thoughts on “Magnolia House – Pauline Barclay

  1. This novel sounds wonderful – the more I hear the more I want to read it. Another great review. This ones on my winter tbr list!

    love, Janice xx

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