Sleeping with Paris – Juliette Sobanet

For Charlotte Summers her life is perfect, she’s engaged to Jeff and they are both about to embark on a new life in Paris where Charlotte will study French and then get herself a teaching job.  Her ideal world is destroyed when she pops in to Jeff’s office.  He’s out but his girlfriend from the on-line dating agency is most definitely in! 

Within two days Charlotte is very much single, in Paris, alone and determined not to get her heart broken again.  The only way to do this is to date like a man and through her blog she charts her exploits, lays down the rules of self-preservation and adopts the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ attitude to dating.  Her blog, however, is far more reaching than she first thought or even intended.  People are taking notice and acting on  her advice.  People who are close to her and who love her.  Charlotte may have originally meant and believed everything she posted but deep down she can never truly think or date like a man.  Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  Never the twain shall meet.

The wedding of a friend is where the past months catch up on Charlotte and it becomes a huge melting pot of emotions and realisations, posing life changing questions.  Does Charlotte still love her ex?  Is revenge worth it?  How does she really feel about the Half-Naked French Hottie?  How do her friends feel about her?  More importantly, how does she feel about herself?

Initially as I read Sleeping with Paris I thought it was just a fun romp round Paris for Charlotte, however, it turned out to be more than that.  It showed Charlotte finally understanding and facing the demons that have shaped her and taking control of her destiny, turning something very negative into something very positive.

Juliette Sobanet writes in a fluent and fun way, bringing in other characters with their own issues which are all dealt with in a light hearted way that keeps to the tone and genre of the book.

Juliette is on Twitter and Facebook and also has her own blog Juliette Sobanet

8 thoughts on “Sleeping with Paris – Juliette Sobanet

  1. Great review and this seems like a fun read I would very much enjoy. Thank you for the recommendation Sue, I just added it on my TBR list:) Have a great day x x

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my book Sue! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading about Charlotte’s journey:) I can’t wait to read your novel. Keep us posted on your publication journey!

  3. FAB review, Sue. This sounds like my kind of book and as it’s already on my wishlist, I’m going to have to bump it up a few places! I look forward to reading it…X

  4. I suggest bumping this book up! I read it a month ago and I am waiting for another one by Juilette to be released! I have not read a book that fast in a long time! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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