It’s no longer my secret

Up until the last week my, as yet, unpublished novel French Kissing in the UK  had been one of my best kept secrets. The number of people who knew about it didn’t even run into double figures and the number of people who had read the final version was even less, like, two!  However, in just the space of one week that is all set to change.

I have been an Associate Reader with Love A Happy Ending for several months now and have really enjoyed reading and reviewing books through them.  Last week I was invited to ‘swap sides’ and become a Featured Author where they would follow my quest to becoming published.  I was delighted to accept and am very excited, if a little nervous.  Nervous because now it’s all official for everyone to see, there’s nowhere to hide.

Having said that, I am up for the publishing challenge and I have a great support network through Love A Happy Ending & Twitter, as well as my friends and family who are beginning to find out what I’ve been up to for the last twelve months.

Current state of play is : Plan A to get a publishing deal – my manuscript is being considered by a publisher at the moment and Plan B to publish as an independent – my manuscript is being professionally critiqued (was critiqued by RNA NWS originally and since changes now on second critique with a well respected agency). A graphic designer is looking into different covers and I am looking into Kindle publishing.

So hopefully in the new year I will know whether it’s Plan A or Plan B.  In the meantime, a huge thank you to Love A Happy Ending and everyone who has supported, encouraged, advised and critiqued along the way.

I have a Facebook page Sue Fortin Books but this is my second attempt, having failed miserably with my first page which seems to have developed a terminal glitch.

About French Kissing in the UK

French Kissing in the UK is a contemporary romance about single parent, Sadie Barnes, whose estranged husband, Mark, comes back into her life unexpectedly seeking reconciliation. This coincides with her taking a new job through which she meets and, despite her self-imposed rule of never mixing business with pleasure, embarks on a relationship with her client, French chef Laurent Roussell.

For Laurent’s part, since the break-up of his marriage some ten years ago, he has dedicated himself to building up his restaurant business. His restaurant has been his wife and the women passing in and out of his life, his mistresses. However, that all changes when Sadie turns up but how can he be sure her marriage is over?

Naively, Sadie thinks she can keep the two worlds apart but husband and lover are on a collision course. For Laurent it’s simply a case of Sadie divorcing her husband. For Mark it’s simply blackmail; divorce him and he will sabotage Laurent’s new business venture. For Sadie it’s simply an impossible situation. Should she give up love for love? 


10 thoughts on “It’s no longer my secret

  1. Huge Congratulations Sue! Am crossing my fingers for you for Plan A, and if not then that the very best comes out of Plan B. Watching this space with mega excitement 🙂 xxxx

  2. Fantastic Sue – can’t wait to read it which ever publishing plan works out and I’m sure it will be a mega-success.
    Love, Janice xx

    • Thanks Juliette – my daughter told me the original title sounded like a game show, she was right, this was is so much better, glad you like it. x

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