Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes – Sue Watson

As an Associate Reader with Love A Happy Ending, I was kindly sent a copy of Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes by author Sue Watson.  Having already seen many rave reviews  of Sue’s debut novel, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.  What an absolute joy – I was hooked all the way – from page one to the end.

We begin the story with Stella Weston, working in the TV industry, married to Tom, mother to Grace.  Stella is always rushed off her feet, pulled in every direction and as many a working mother is weighed down by guilt for not always being there for her family.

Life for Stella is turned upside down when she has to deal with problems both at home and work.  The novel follows Stella’s path to dealing with, accepting and overcoming these life changing events.  With the help of her best friends and colleagues, Lizzie and Al, Stella gradually discovers that another love of her life, cake, could actually be her salvation.

I really enjoyed reading Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes, not only was it funny with some lovely colourful characters, Al being a favourite of  mine, but it was touching and sometimes sad.  However, the less happy themes are dealt with in keeping with the overall light hearted tone of the book. Stella is great and you can’t help cheering her on as she gradually discovers and rediscovers herself.

The supporting cast were fun too, MJ loved hating her, Tom who made me sad, best friend Lizzie being a real BBF, Al funny, catty but lovely, Seb pragmatic and reliable, sweet little Grace who has an old head on young shoulders and not forgetting Stella’s dizzy mum.  This is the sort of book you could easily envisage seeing on the big screen.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes to anyone who wants an entertaining read and for all cake lovers; there are some great recipes at the end of the book.

Sue Watson’s blog is Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes and she is also on Facebook and Twitter

3 thoughts on “Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes – Sue Watson

  1. And who isn’t a cake lover? Does such a person exist? Great review Sue of Sue Watson’s new novel – a must read and lovely to read your comment ‘an absolute joy’. Always looking for a book that inspires a comment like that!

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