Persuade Me – Juliet Archer

Persuade Me by Juliet Archer is a modern day version of  Jane Austin’s Persuassion and was kindly sent to me by publishers Choc Lit to review.

When she was eighteen Anna Elliott met the love of her life Rick Wentworth in France.  Unfortunately, events and people conspired against them and Rick went to live and work in Australia alone while Anna chose to stay in the UK to go to university.

After ten years apart, although their lives have moved on alone, they have never forgotten the time they shared and are unexpectedly thrown back together again.  Anna is now a University lecturer living in Bath and Rick is a successful celebrity marine biologist, who is back in the UK on a promotional book tour.  Do they really know how the other feels?  Will they rekindle their relationship?  Do they want to? Anna Elliott is a kind and caring person, but much put upon by her demanding and self-serving family.  At times I was quite frustrated by her inability to prevent herself being manipulated by those around her and drawn into unwelcome situations.

Rick Wentworth may well be an intelligent marine biologist studying the relationships of the male and female Sea Horses but he’s not quite so clued up when it came to working out his own love life.  For ten years he has been weighed down by feelings of rejection and meeting Anna again stirs up emotions he thought he had well and truly locked away.

Persuade Me is told mostly from the viewpoint of either Anna or Rick and, as such, there were times when I wanted to knock their heads together as both jumped to conclusions about the other, misunderstanding and misreading situations.

However, as the story moved on I was pleased to see a more determinded side of Anna emerge and a softer side of Rick come through, so much so that the letter he wrote towards the end brought a tear to my eye.  Beautiful sentiment.

Persuade Me tells the story of how this couple finally draw a line under what happened ten years earlier and start looking forwards, whether this be as a couple or as individuals.

I thoroughly enjoyed Persuade Me, definitely on my favourite list, although I felt it should have the title Persuade Me To Put It Down For a Moment or even Persuade Me Not To Stay Up Until 1 a.m. To Finish It!

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8 thoughts on “Persuade Me – Juliet Archer

  1. Anna sounds just like me! 🙂 Thanks, Sue. I loved Juliet’s ‘The Importance of Being Emma’. Persuade Me sounds like my cup of tea, too. The importance of reviews, hey? 🙂

    • Thanks Sheryl and I know they say never judge a book by its cover but I can’t help falling in love with the look of the front cover for Persuade Me and The Importance of Being Emma – I want them just as much to put on my book shelf and look pretty!

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