Discovery at Rosehill – Kathryn Brown

I originally started this blog in response to becoming an Associate Reader for Love A Happy Ending and having chosen my authors duly read and reviewed their books.  Kathryn Brown is an Associate Author and I hadn’t initially chosen to read her book because I wasn’t sure about the paranormal side of Discovery at Rosehill.  Anything like that and I usually run a mile, however, I got to know Kathryn and decided I should broaden my reading, so I offered to read her book.

Initially, I thought romance and mystery, yes they are my sort of book and the paranormal side I could perhaps live with.  It took me a couple of chapters to get into but I was gradually wooed and gently seduced by Kathryn’s writing which has a rhythm different to what I have read recently; creating atmosphere throughout whether it be describing beautiful scenery, feelings between characters or encounters with spirits.

The novel is based around medium Camilla who has been drawn to buy and renovate Rosehill, a rambling house on the edge of a rural village.  There Camilla meets the local vicar Marcus and although they have opposing beliefs, their feelings about one another certainly aren’t.  There is of course Ross, Camilla’s old flame from many years ago, brother of her best friend, who returns after many years away. Does he want to just stay friends with Camilla or does he want to rekindle their relationship?  More to the point, does Camilla?

Not only does Camilla have to deal with her love life but there is also a mystery at Rosehill which she find herself being drawn into by paranormal activity.  A mystery that she does not fully understand but has far reaching ramifications.

There is a twist to one part of the novel at the end which surprised me but fitted perfectly with the plot and again not until the end was I sure how things would turn out for Camilla with regards to the men in her life.

I especially enjoyed the romance of this story and the mystery element was good too.  With regards to the paranormal side of it, I have learnt quite a lot and was pleasantly surprised by my reaction to it.

The cover of the book is great and fits really well with the story line.  I loved Marcus and shall never be able to look at vicars in the same way again!


2 thoughts on “Discovery at Rosehill – Kathryn Brown

  1. I’ve just ordered Kathryn’s novel on Amazon this morning and will be taking it away on holiday to read. After reading your review I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing.

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