Love and Freedom – Sue Moorcroft

I was very much looking forward to reading Love & Freedom and enjoyed every word of it.  As always with Sue Moorcroft, the characters seem so real, complete with faults which only serve to bring them to life.  The story temps and teases you to read on and although you can be pretty certain of a satisfying ending, how you get there is the whole fun of it.

The heroine Honor arrives in Brighton to escape difficulties back home in the USA, with a vague idea of finding her birth mother.   Here she meets the utterly gorgeous and totally ‘wantable’ Martyn Mayfair and although they are attracted to each other, both have their own problems, hang ups and family members, well meaning or otherwise, set to hinder the progression of their relationship.

And this is what this book is about in many ways – relationships. Other characters in the book have their own problems relationship wise in one form or another and this theme is superbly woven through the story line in many layers.

I have always liked Sue Moorcroft’s novels, especially those set in the fens, having lived there myself so when Love & Freedom came along, set in Brighton I was delighted as I know the city well, living just along the coast from it for many years now.  Sue really brings to life the small communities within and around the large city, capturing the spirit of The Lanes with their lovely little shops and special atmosphere.  When the story briefly visited Arundel I was even more pleased, another beautiful town where I have worked and still visit often.

The title of the book is great, but you will have to read the book to understand why and Martyn Mayfair, whose surname couldn’t be more perfect, is simply to die for. &


5 thoughts on “Love and Freedom – Sue Moorcroft

  1. New to your blog.

    I loved this novel from delicious cover to cover.
    I did like the play on the title too.

    great review


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