His Other Lover – Lucy Dawson

Okay, you live with your long term boyfriend.  You have a great relationship. Everything is ticking over just fine with marriage, children and happy ever after practically a done deal.  Or is it?

His Other Lover puts a whole new spin on the bunny boiler story and I was hooked from the very first page.  I read it in one day whilst travelling back from holiday and really enjoyed it.

Mia lives with Pete and as far as she is aware their relationship is rock steady but her world is turned upside down when she accidently discovers a suspicious text from a Liz.  Thrown into turmoil Mia doesn’t automatically deal with this in the most obvious way.

I totally ‘got’ Mia and how she reacted and although I wouldn’t have as much nerve as her I really rallied behind her.  Her emotions are shown brilliantly throughout the story – you can really feel her angst, her desperation and heartbreak. I felt a lot of  empathy for Mia from the start and as I read on, I noticed and understood the gentle and gradual shift in her emotions, almost causing me to switch allegiance by the end of the book.

The ending – I think I got it, although not immediately.  It wasn’t what I expected or necessarily wanted, leaving me feeling dissatisfied initially but the more I mulled it over, the more I accepted it.  Maybe I felt the same frustrations of the situation as the characters in this entanglement did – if this was intentional, then Lucy Dawson has done an even better job than I first thought.

As for Pete, well, did he or didn’t he?  That is the burning question.



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