Breaking The Ice – Mandy Baggot

An agoraphobic, virginal box office attendant who is prone to panic attacks and insecurities meets a recovering alcoholic, celebrity ice-skating sensation, with their only common ground being the dying Civic Hall, doesn’t immediately strike you as a recipe for an entertaining and romantic read but Mandy Baggot pulls it off well with a light touch . The problems are dealt with in an easy way, keeping the story light hearted and fun without digging so deep that they become overbearing.

Breaking the Ice follows Samantha Smith, a shy 24 year old who has more issues than the back catalogue of ‘Hello’ magazine and whose entire life revolves around the running of the Civic Hall. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cope with Samantha and her nerves for an entire novel, but as I read on I got to understand her anxieties and quirky reactions to stressful situations, making me warm to her.

Jimmy Lloyd, heart throb ice-skater was cool, down to earth, sexy and utterly ‘wantable’ despite his public image, previous track record and rehab visit. He is patient and understanding of Samantha and her issues. Through their joint efforts to keep the Civic Hall open, the story moves on and it becomes apparent that they have more in common than they think. Aware of this, Jimmy just needs to convince Samantha to believe in herself and to trust him.

Samantha’s older sister, Cleo is outgoing and flirty, her rather full sex life the polar opposite to Samantha’s. However, ultimately both women are looking for the same thing, although they may not necessarily know it.

The relationship between Samantha and Jimmy is set against the backdrop of the Civic Hall being closed and the skating tour performing there. Samantha’s safe and secure world is threatened while Jimmy’s comeback is not a bed of roses with behind the scenes tension and a plot against him.

Can the Civic Hall be saved?

Can Samantha overcome her panic attacks and allow herself to love?

Can Jimmy fight his demons and win?

Can Cleo find love amongst her lovers?

Read Breaking the Ice to find the answers in an entertaining, feel good and easy to read novel.

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