Sophie’s Turn – Nicky Wells

Sophie’s Turn poses the question do you follow your head or your heart?   

How many of us have dreamed of being proposed to by a rock star, especially one that we have idolised since our teenage years? For most of us that’s as far as it gets, but for Sophie Penhalligan it went further. Not only did she dream it but it actually happened to her. Dan from rock group Tusk is her dream come true, or is he? There is of course the small matter of her boyfriend Tim who has also proposed to her.

Sophie’s Turn is a delightful story of moral dilemma and conscience, throwing caution to the wind and reality checks told in a light hearted way with a great insight and understanding of human nature.

Sophie is a fun character who kept me amused and as the story unfolded, I got to know her better and found that there was a lot more to her than first appeared on the surface. She is a girl with a conscience that she is constantly battling with, trying to justify her actions with varying degrees of success. To help Sophie in true BBF style, Rachel is always there to offer advice and a shoulder to cry on. Then there’s the Accountant boyfriend; rock steady [yes the irony is intended] slightly anal Tim. And, of course, there is Dan the rock God, lead singer of Tuscq who Sophie has loved from a far for over ten years. The two worlds of reality and fantasy collide and Sophie is stuck between the two until something far more important happens, the ripple effect of which brings her to a point where she has to face up to the good and the bad and take the right turn in life.

The book is set in three parts with the first setting the backdrop to the story by way of several flashbacks which, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about initially but once I got into the story I was able to slip back and forth with ease. The flashbacks work because that part of Sophie’s life is not what the story is about but are essential to understand and move the plot forward.

I loved the second part of the book and how the relationships between Sophie and Tim and Sophie and Dan developed and evolved. Part three was just as good, giving rise to some moral dilemmas, making you route for Tim one minute and then Dan the next and made you wonder how you would handle the same situation.

The outcome, well what a great ending – not what I expected but totally satisfying. All in all a fab story told in a refreshing way.

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