Turning the Tide – Christine Stovell

 Turning the Tide is set in the sleepy backwater  town of Little Spitmarsh where five years ago    Harriet Watling, or Harry as she prefers to be  called,  inherited her father’s boatyard and  hired help, George.  Not wanting to move  forward she remains set in her ways and is  desperately trying to live up to her own idea of  what her father would have expected of her.    With only the help of old George she attempts to  keep her father’s boatyard business going in the  traditional way it has always been run.

The arrival of property developer Matthew  Corrigan  with  his plans to regenerate the area  and the seemingly support of the local  townspeople  only serve to take Harry’s sense of  her against the world to a new level.

Harry takes an instant dislike to Matthew for what he represents but can’t help feeling attracted to him.  Matthew appears to be having the same problem.  Harry is a pain in the backside but there’s something about her that causes his mind to wander back to her time and again in a way that is definitely not conducive to the success of his business plans.

The story allows time for the characters to develop and for the reader to get to know and understand them.  Matthew is sexy without being flash, business like but with compassion and you can’t help but admire his patience and persistence.  Harry with her tomboy ways, strops and bloody-mindedness,  forever trying to live up to the memory of her father, can leave you feeling empathy and frustration all at the same time.

The plot moves the story along continually and brings into play other delightful and funny characters, each with their own little journey to make.

I loved the cover of Turning the Tide, it reflects the gentleness of the way the story unfolds.  Rather than racing off into a stormy sea of ups and downs at a breakneck speed, the plot glides and bobs along to a clement breeze with a mixture of intrigue, humour, mystery and romance, enticing you to read on and on.


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