Working It Out – Nicola May

I took Working It Out away with me on a long weekend, hoping for something light hearted and fun to read that would make me smile and chuckle.   I wasn’t disappointed.

The heroine of the story, Ruby Matthews, is a fiesty red head, in her late 20’s, living in London who can give as good as she gets.  Having been made redundant she is a girl on a mission – twelve jobs in twelve months in a bid to find her true calling career wise.  Whilst attempting this challenge, Ruby finds herself in different employment and situations every month, ranging from a care assistant in an old people’s home, a nanny in France to a receptionist at a sexual health clinic and many more equally not so run of the mill jobs.  Along the way Ruby encounters a whole host of eclectic and often ecenric characters.

Although the twelve jobs, twelve months challenge moves the story along  nicely time wise, it is not just an excuse for Ruby to be put in bizzare and funny situations.  Each job and each member of the supporting cast impacts on Ruby’s life one way or another and props up the underlying story line – can Ruby find love and contentment?

What I liked about this book was that although it is chick lit, Ruby isn’t the typical girly girl that you often find in this genre.  Ruby is a bit of a ladette, drinks pints, swears,  likes football and jumps into bed, often drunk, with some good and not so good bed fellows.  However, she is also kind, warm-hearted and generous which gives her the dimension and contradiction that makes her believable.  She has good and bad points, just like real life people.

Working It Out touches on some of life’s more serious issues but in a sensitive and understanding manner, giving balance and insight that is not out of kilter with the Rom Com, feel good factor of the book.

Definitely one to pack in your suitcase for chilling out on the beach with.

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3 thoughts on “Working It Out – Nicola May

  1. Brilliant review of a wonderful fun book, by a very special Associate Reader!
    Reader power is real, it is about telling other readers when we really enjoy something – and my beach bag is already packed with Working It Out carefully tucked inside! …. Great teamworking ladies…..

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